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Top 5 Travel Bloggers in 2020

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You may have come across several and different travel blogs across the internet. Just because a website has a high authority on the web, doesn’t mean they are best at providing travel advice and motivation.

What do you think that makes an excellent travel blog? Well, there is no rocket science; the answer is simple. An outstanding travel blog should be updated frequently with useful content for its readers, must have valuable tips/information, destination-related posts and should be inspirational.

On the whole, the blogger needs to be a travel enthusiast and a master in the industry.

Therefore, we thought of summing up the top 5 travel bloggers of the year 2020. These travel bloggers have come a long way since their start-up and been leaders in the niche for years.

Most of them are award winners, mentors for start-up blogs and some are unique personalities who value female travellers. These are the best travel blogs I have come across in the year 2020. Enough of explanation – Let the drumroll begin!

The Blonde Abroad

As you enter the website, you will see the beautiful blonde posing in different positions. Then she takes you to read her story; how she became a spontaneous traveller from being ordinary to extraordinary. Meet Kiki; She is a California-native avid traveller who has travelled across nearly 70 countries.

Her website inspires solo female travellers to go around the world. The blog is all about solo excursions, girlish getaways, destinations, travel guides, and packing tips.

Inside, you will find a photo collection of her travel memories, travel experience, advice on how to capture great travel portraits, FAQ and an entire travel community forum.

If you are visiting this website, I am sure you will not only learn about great destinations but a chance to earn free points by registering for a travel reward credit card.

This blog has over 200,000 plus readers, benefiting from its travel content.

Jess Wandering

This is absolutely one of the best travel blogs for female itinerants, notably for those who are in sought after travelling different parts of the world.

The site follows the explorations of the artistic and gorgeous fantasy traveller Jess Dales. Travelling has been the passion of this wonder woman. Why would I say so? When I hop into her blog, I can see loads of posts brimming with adventure activities and segmented travel posts.

The vivid pictures, diverse locations she has visited, plus pro tips make this blog unique and outstanding from the rest.

Her content is mind boggling and engaging; you’ll feel as you have lost in her journey.
The site shares some informative details and places that are new to us.

Travelling Buzz

Travelling Buzz

Again, a bold travel enthusiast who quit the desk job and started her dream job. She is not suggesting unrealistic career transformation, instead not to restrain as females.

Her notion is to inspire females to travel more and be exceptional. The blog goes after the adventures of Maria from Bulgaria which is regarding adventure and city tour in Europe!

This blog points out realistic details about several destinations in Europe such as places to visit, tips to consider while travelling, tour ideas, inspirational posts, adventure tours of Europe, hotel reviews and let share your travel thoughts via guest posting.

Maria’s suggestions are pretty striking, she has participated in TBEX (travel bloggers conference in the world) several times, and Trivago has acclaimed her blog.

Nomadic Matt

Enough of girl talk, let’s move on to gentlemen talk. As the name describe, this site follows the voyages of big traveller Nomadic Matt.

The site delivers excellent tips for a game-changing career – Learn them all from Matt. On the site, there is a world map to find regional travel guides and budget city tours at your ease.

Matt shares his travel knowledge and experience through informative articles and great instructions including saving money on flights, finding cheap accommodation, backpack selection, ultimate packing advise, budget travel guides, tips for new travellers, checklists and I can keep adding more.

Indeed, it is a resourceful site with numerous travel tips to save money while travelling.

He also takes pride in providing e-book travel courses to make ingenious vacationers. He is one of the best-selling authors of the New York Times whereas the website has been starred on major media sites.

Two Monkey Travel Group

Two Monkey Travel Group

A duo travel tycoon runs this inspirational travel blog; Kach from the Philippines and Jonathan from the United Kingdom. Their travel story began since their meet up in April 2013, and as a couple, they have voyaged to all the continents dotted in the world map and 70 countries in total.

This website mostly shares travel itineraries, destination tours, accommodation suggestions and lifestyle travel experiences.

This couple takes part in inspiring people to travel around the globe without restrictions while giving a mixture of adventure and luxury travel guidance.

The website also includes handy DIY country and city-specific travel guides, road trip ideas, cruising suggestions, ultimate honeymoon advice, destination-related travel articles, exciting love stories, budget and luxury lodging recommendations, travel app reviews, delicious recipe ideas, dining reviews and culinary descriptions of different continents.

The best part of the blog describes how Filipinos could obtain a tourist visa for wandering across different countries. The blog answers to most of the questions Filipino have while travelling.

The website has received several travel blogging awards, recognised by many travel interviews while featuring on major media sites.

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