Pidurangala (Sigiriya) Rock

The Pidurangala Rock also better known as Sigiriya Rock, offers stupendous views from the summit, and comes with a demanding trek to the top. Before booking a hike here, make sure you have no health complications that could be adversely affected with the climb. As one of the island’s main features, it comes with a somber yet intriguing history, mainly because the rock isn’t just any rock. It’s actually a king’s palace, or fortress to be more precise. The isolated kingdom King Kassapa set up for himself seeking refuge from his brother who was plotting revenge for the murder of their father, comes with giant lion paws and the Mirror Wall. The engineering feats here are quite remarkable too, especially given the time period in which it came to be. Marvel at the famed, recently restored Sigiriya Frescoes on your way up as well.

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