Parakrama Samudraya

If you want to understand a bit more about the structures in these areas, it helps to revive a bit of knowledge about the kings that ruled them, mainly because it’s their work that has contributed to today’s legacies. The Prakrama Samudraya is one such example, and a famous one at that too. Known as the ‘Sea of Prakrama’, this was constructed by King Parakramabahu, a revered and famed king of Sri Lanka. As it so happens, this is the largest man-made rainwater reservoir which spans over a whopping 2,500 hectares. It’s instrumental for irrigation in and around Polonnaruwa, which given the extensive droughts the area is prone to, is a major advantage. The size and volume of the reservoir is baffling to say the least, and beckons a visit without a doubt.

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