Nitro Cave

This is an intriguing location to explore in Meemure. What’s unusual about it is that it’s brimming with saltpeter, better known in the scientific world as potassium nitrate. In other words, this is the primary ingredient in the production of gunpowder, and was as such a cave that was put to use by the Kandyans, in their defence against the 3 colonial nations that once invaded our borders. Kandy is famously the only city in the country to have been able to successfully reject and defeat their advances. The Nitro Cave has clearly been instrumental in this battle. Whilst the trek is definitely worth it, you’re advised to look into the finer details as there are steep slopes along the way, and early evening mists or rain can make it difficult to get back. Ensure you’re able to withstand the rigours of this hike first and foremost.

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