Whether you enjoy walking on the wide sandy coastlines, diving into the deep blue sea, witnessing British style ancient buildings, getting on a wildlife safari, shopping at urbanized streets or practicing Yoga, Sri Lanka has much more to offer. Renowned as the best country to travel in 2019 and years to come, Sri Lanka has already reached the limelight. Some of the best things to do in Sri Lanka includes; visiting its national parks, sighting animals in the wild, encountering cultural and historical monuments, Surfing on the beach, taking Yoga lessons, shopping at bustling cities, hiking up in the hill country, getting to know the man-made reservoirs, boating and not to miss its tropical treats. While we merge the unusual places and interesting activities of the country, travellers will get an unforgettable vacation experience from Travelasia Vacations. Go through our hundreds of Sri Lanka private tours suggestions to pick your favourite.


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