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Sri Lanka Traditional Dances

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The traditional dances of Sri Lanka, are presented through three unique styles that capture the cultural value of the respective districts each style originates from. Widely considered as the classical dance of Sri Lanka.

There are 3 styles of dancing styles in Sri Lanka, which are Kandyan Dance, Low country and Sabaragamuwa dance. If you are looking to travel to Sri Lanka don’t forget to watch a cultural show where you could watch all these dancing styles.

Kandyan Dance

Kandyan dance consists of movements, attire, and instruments native the city of Kandy and its encompassing hill region also known as the Udarata Dance, this type integrates the beat of traditional drums like the ” Geta Beraya” with the rhythmic clash of pair of cymbals knows as ” Thalampota”.

While performances have been typically carried out by males, added female appearances have progressively been seen with their own adaption of the costume. The best way to experience these traditional dances is to book one of the Sri Lanka luxury holidays from a tour operator in Sri Lanka.

Low Country

Another style, low country, also known as ” Pahatharata” dance, is popular for religious processions and ceremonies and adding vivacity to recreational venues nationwide.

Locals traditionally performed the dance to either appease or get rid of evil spirits and devils, hence it has well-known recognition as the Sri Lankan devil dance. Sri Lanka luxury holidays are ideal for travelers to explore the true Sri Lanka.

Sabaragamuwa Dance

Lastly, exclusive to Ratnapura, the Sabaragamuwa dance is performed to praise and worship god Saman who holds a significant place in the community. As the guardian of Buddhism on Island.

One quality that distinguishes the Sabaragamuwa dance apart from other styles is the way the dances move without raising their arms above their head. Furthermore, its distinctive clothing and decor. Along with its main instrument, the davula, are also incorporated into the dance to give it its exclusivity.

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