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Best time to visit Sri Lanka

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The best month to visit Sri Lanka

We have been asked by a lot of travelers about what is the best time to visit Sri Lanka. The best time to visit Sri Lanka depends upon many factors such as where you wish to travel in Sri Lanka, and when you looking to travel.

We will talk briefly about these factors below.

What is wonderful about Sri Lanka is that you can visit Sri Lanka anytime as there is always a place in Sri Lanka you can rely upon for its amazing weather and it is a year-round holiday destination. Many are interested to know what is the Sri Lanka weather by month, and we are glad to inform you that this article is all about the weather, and the best month to visit Sri Lanka.

However there is a peak season in Sri Lanka where you will find a lot of tourists traveling, between December and April and not only that, there are some monsoon periods as well which would be better for you to know what regions you have to avoid traveling in specific months.

Temperature is quite good between ” December – April “, which will be around 26 – 30°C in the coastal areas including the capital of Sri Lanka. 

However, in the peak season, the hotels are a bit expensive mostly in the coastal regions and the capital of Sri Lanka which is Colombo, so you want to make sure that you book your accommodations one month prior to your travel date if you looking to travel Sri Lanka in December.

December is considered as one of the highest peak season due to the Christmas and 31st night eve and you will find most of the top hotels in Sri Lanka are fully booked at this period of time.

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    Sri Lanka Weather By Month

    There are 4 climate seasons experienced during the 12 months period in Sri Lanka. The main 2 seasons are Southwest monsoon and the North-East Monsoon, and the other 2 intermonsoon seasons come in between.

    Here are the 4 climate seasons in Sri Lanka.

    1.First Inter-monsoon season ( March – April)

    2.Southwest monsoon season ( May-Sep)

    3.Second Inter – monsoon season ( October – November )

    4.North-East – Monsoon Season ( December – February)

    Let me explain how each of these monsoons effect the weather. ( Sri Lanka weather by month )

    First Inter-monsoon season ( March – April )

    In this period of time you will experience thunderstorm type heavy rainfalls with an average of 100 – 250mm of rainfall in most parts of Sri Lanka.

    Southwest – Monsoon Season ( May – September ) 

    In this 5 months period of time you will experience Southwest rains at any time of the day, mainly in Southwest of Sri Lanka.

    Second inter monsoon Season ( October – November )

    Let’s see how’s the Sri Lanka weather October & in November. In this period you can expect thunderstorms like rain falls, mainly during the afternoon and evening throughout Sri Lanka with strong winds.

    Northeast-monsoon season ( Dec – Feb )

    I know you have been waiting to hear whats the best time to visit Sri Lanka. And here is the good news! The dry and cold wind blowing from the Indian landmass creates wonderful weather in Sri Lanka. In this period of time make sure you travel Sri Lanka and spend some of your time on the beaches of Sri Lanka.

    Visiting Sri Lanka in December – February

    December, January, and February are the best time to visit Sri Lanka. In these months top locations to travel are Hill Country, West, or south coast of Sri Lanka. However, this period won’t be ideal if you are looking to travel North or east.

    Sri Lanka weather in January is glorious, and I would say it is the best month to visit Sri Lanka. If you are looking to visit the Cultural Triangle and spend your Sri Lanka holiday on the beaches of Bentota, Mirissa, or Tangalle this is the best month for that.

    So if you are planning to visit Sri Lanka in December or February make sure you will plan your itinerary covering the regions mentioned above.  Check out our Sri Lanka private tours.

    Visiting Sri Lanka in March – April

    Weather in the Southwest region is quite ok in March, that you could still do activities such as Yala Safari, Whale watching in Mirissa, etc. However, by April the monsoon is going to start where you will experience heavy rainfalls. However, this is the best time to visit Sri Lanka if you are wishing to travel to the North East. Monsoon in North East is getting over by March, and by April the weather is amazing over there.

    Visiting Sri Lanka in May – September

    May is a month where you could expect a cooler temperature in the hill country and its very humid in Southwest of Sri Lanka. Also in May one of the most important Buddhist festivals is celebrated which is Vesak Poya ( The birth, enlightenment, and death of Lord Buddha).

    Between May – September the recommended regions to visit in Sri Lanka would be North and east coast which is very attractive. Here are some of the locations you shouldn’t miss( Trincomalee, Pasikuda, Gal Oya, Kumana, and Arugambay).

    Visiting Sri Lanka in October – November 

    Sri Lanka weather October and November is a little unpredictable, as there is a chance of rainfalls, anywhere in Sri Lanka. In October the average temperature is around 30°C. The Cultural Triangle and the hill country experience rainfalls in November, so this won’t be an ideal time to visit those regions.

    Here is a temperature chart of Sri Lanka.

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