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24 best reasons to visit Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka is an island located in the southeast of India and populated by about twenty-two million people. The country has a diverse religious, cultural influence and biodiversity, including rainforests, dissimilar wildlife, serene beaches, UNESCO world heritage sites, heavenly gardens and the list adds on. As the most beautiful island in the world according to Ben Mallalieu, here we are featuring 24 best reasons to visit Sri Lanka.

To encounter the diversity

Travel destinations in Sri Lanka provide a range of Sri Lanka tours and holiday experiences from beach holidays to wildlife watching, adventurous sports and excursions to some of the historical cities in the world. Although it is a small island, Sri Lanka is bottled up with many breathtaking locations and scenic landscapes, a voyager could be surfing the beach in the dawn and exploring the green-carpeted mountains by dusk.

Get to know different cultures

Sri Lanka is a multi-ethnic, multi-religious and multi-cultural country with a combination of successive foreign migrants. The main ethnic group is Buddhists which encompass 70 percent of the population, Hinduism is the second most dominant religion, Islam is the third most prevalent religion and around 7.4% of the Sri Lankan population is Christians. The fascinating mixture of cultural experience aids in serving people better, which is why the hospitality of Sri Lankans are worth an experience.

Go wild

Plunge with blue whales or watch spinner dolphins leaping in, annually at different points around the Southern, Eastern or the West coast of Sri Lanka, or try a wildlife safari at the Yala national park to get wild along with elephants, leopards, sloths and bears. Sri Lanka also has 91 mammals, 171 reptiles, 106 amphibians and 83 snake species to showcase.

Watch elephants

Take a tour to Pinnawala elephant orphanage in Sri Lanka to see the most loved mammals in Sri Lanka. Tours to these areas are always worthwhile for wildlife enthusiasts and can be experienced in various Sri Lanka tour packages!

To surf & play

Want an adrenaline rush? Visit Arugam Bay for surfing in the pristine walls of ocean waves or visit Kitulgala for adventure filled white water rafting activities. Surrounded together with lagoons and rivers, Sri Lanka offers ample opportunities for kayaking, rafting and water sports throughout the year. This is one of the 24 best reasons to visit Sri Lanka.

Know the festivals

With so many cultures living together, life in Sri Lanka offers a sequence of festivities year-round. Take a tours of Sri Lanka in between July – August, to see the Kandy Esala Perahera, one of the ancient and majestic Buddhist festivals in Sri Lanka, highlighting dancers, conjurors, musicians, fire-breathers, and extravagantly adorned elephants. To get the maximum benefit out of your seasonal vacation, visit the Galle Face Green to take part in the annual kite festival.

Decorous Vesak and Poson full-moon Poya

Poya days rejoice the full-moon with Buddhist serene, Where people dress all in white and visit temples for worships. Vesak and Poson Poya days are held in May and July consecutively according to Sri Lankan lunar calendar. The streets will be decorated with bright lanterns and free food stalls called “Dansel” will be filled with free food on the Vesak and Poson Poya days.

Discover the “little England” of Ceylon

Nuwara Eliya is a hill country often called as “Little England”. It is well-known for its temperature and cool climate. Being the coolest district in Sri Lanka with a maritime climate, in the winter months, there can be frost at night. It also holds a significant role for tea production in Sri Lanka.

Visit the largest Botanical gardens

There are about five botanical gardens in Sri Lanka, filled with different species of plants, orchids, roses and native flowers. Take a visit to one or all five to witness the beauty.

Hike through Tea plantations

Sri Lanka is renowned for its Ceylon tea. Take a gentle hike up through the tea plantation on a day hike to Ella Rock for spectacular views. Ceylon Tea is very popular worldwide which is another good reason from 24 best reasons to visit Sri Lanka.

Rainforest tours

Sinharaja forest is a biodiversity spot and world heritage site – Sri Lanka’s reserved lowland and biologically unique rainforest. Take part in a trekking trip in the lush green forest or swim in the waterfalls but watch out for snakes and arthropods among the varied flora and fauna.

See the footprint of the Buddha or Adam

Often called as “Adam’s Peak” or “Sri Pada”, is one of the 24 best reasons to visit Sri Lanka where the imprint is considered as a sacred footprint of a holy person by Buddhists, Christians, Muslims and Hindus.

Climb the Lion Rock Mountain

Sigiriya is one of the best places to visit in Sri Lanka, a rock built in the form of a gargantuan lion. Walk through the narrow staircase to witness the ancient frescoes, ruins and prehistoric architecture.

Tranquil Coastlines

Negombo, Bentota, Mount Lavinia, Unawatuna, Passikudah, Hikkaduwa, Beruwala, Arugam Bay and Nilaveli are thriving beach hotspots for basking, swimming, deep sea fishing and diving. Homely accommodations are available by the sea, making these coastlines ideal for ambling around.

Ayurveda and herbal treatments

Indulge yourself in Ayurveda herbal baths, reflexology massages and beauty treatments to rejuvenate the body, mind and soul after a hectic journey. Ayurveda helps to cure many illnesses such as Arthritis, diabetic etc. which makes one of the main reason from 24 best reasons to visit Sri Lanka.

Meet the Sri Lankan Aboroginies

Take a tour to “Dambana” village to encounter the lifestyle of “Veddas”, minority ethnic tribe living in Sri Lanka.

Waterfall trails

Considered a must-visit attraction, Bambarakanda is the tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka, plunging a height of 263 meters. Enjoy a unique bathing experience and view the magical sceneries surrounded by the waterfalls in Sri Lanka.

Scrumptious foods

Forget sandwiches, pastries and English breakfasts. Local restaurants in Sri Lanka offer delicious meals, string hoppers (rice noodles) or bread with coconut sambal and milk gravy and rice and curry to satisfy your appetite. They are available anywhere yet inexpensive and most popular food enjoyed by the Sri Lankans.

Get to know about world’s end

Take a walk at Horton Plains national park in Sri Lanka to see the jaw-dropping viewpoints of the world’s end, a steep precipice, with a drop of about 2800 ft. and the Little World’s end (890 ft.)

Romantic Honeymoons

A honeymoon in Sri Lanka will not only give you the opportunity to spend quality time with your partner also will help to encounter the beauty of nature through your bedroom window to spice up your tours in Sri Lanka. Enclosed by a wide range of attractive landscapes is a definite advantage for spending a distinct honeymoon in Sri Lanka. Mirissa and Passikudah are ideal for honeymoons beside the beach, Nuwara Eliya is perfect for honeymooning in the hills and Ella, Belihuloya is the perfect destination for the honeymooners, seeking scenic atmospheres.

Destination weddings

Planning to tie the knot? Bored of traditional weddings? Here, you can find diverse wedding venues in Sri Lanka to suit your theme, from beaches to private islands and luxury hotels to resorts. Located in a spectacular peninsula, AVANI Kalutara resort is an impeccable wedding venue for a high-class beach wedding. If you are looking for a wedding in a buzzing hotspot, then go ahead with the booking Shangri-La Colombo, a five-star hotel that can accommodate up to 1500 guests in a banquet setup. Or plan your wedding in the mystique primeval land of Kandy at Mahaweli reach hotel, for a big day near Sri Lanka’s longest Mahaweli River. This is one main reason from 24 Best reasons to visit Sri Lanka.

Nightlife in Colombo

Are you a party animal? Then, Colombo is for you. Nightlife in Colombo offers unparalleled opportunities for the party freaks to mingle after dark. Endless choices from cocktail lounges, lively pubs, bars, nightclubs and gambling spots are available for partying at night. Also wide choice of excellent restaurants will be serving a range of cuisines at night. Don’t forget to try out late night street-side menus at Hulftsdorp street food and hotel Pilawoos where you will frequently find some of the delicious food. Although it is not Las Vegas, still you can find casino spots to try your luck. Bally’s Casino, Bellagio Casino and Casino Marina in Colombo are some of them. Moreover, W Longue, Cleopatra, R&B, Sugar Colombo and Curve bar are perfect spots for fun-filled partying late at night.

Meditation & Yoga retreats

Sri Lanka also has a number of meditation and Yoga centers for those seeking spiritual relaxation. Ancient yoga and meditation are a significant component of embracing a more sensible lifestyle and observing the freedom of existence through giving-in practices. Siddhalepa resort in Wadduwa, Plantation Villa in Kalutara, Paramita Meditation Centre in Kadugannawa and Ashram Sri Lanka in Tangalle can uplift your internal psychological development and spiritual growth with their Yoga and Meditation guidance. This is also another reason from 24 best reasons to visit Sri Lanka.


While travelling around Sri Lanka, shopping is the most important thing you shouldn’t be missing. What are you looking for? Pure Sri Lankan tea? The Mlesna Tea Centre is certainly a must-visit by the tea lovers for tasting teas with different flavours. Visit Laksala to encounter some traditional Sri Lankan products including batik/handloom fabrics, exotic accessories, Gem and jewellery, arts and crafts, leather and ceramic products. Or walk through the Pettah Bazaar in Colombo for bargain shopping. Those who don’t like walking in public gatherings should avoid, as the Pettah bazaar is an often crowded spot. These are the 24 best reasons to visit Sri Lanka.

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